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Looking for a way to support your business to deliver your valuable items? The choosen partner for most leading brands, local industrial experts and rising local and global business is here for you as your courier service partner. Years of expierence in door to door delivery with online tracking we guarantee that you will be provided with the fastest, most secured and efficient courier service in Sri Lanka. We look forward in extending our services throughout the globe.

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Cash on delivery

Customers of our company can pay the necessary amount after receiving the goods. The customer does not need to make a payment while ordering the product and can choose cash on delivery as a payment method. Once the order is placed, the seller will prepare an invoice and attach it to the parcel. The parcel will then be sent from the seller to the address provided by the customer. The cash on delivery amount will be deposited into the partner's account, and we will remit the amount to the seller's account after deducting handling charges.

Confidential documents

We are committed to keeping your confidential documents confidential. We provide a reliable and hassle-free document delivery service, ensuring your documents are delivered island-wide within 24 hours with utmost care and promptness. Additionally, we take full responsibility for all information provided to us. As we carry out all activities through our system, you have the ability to see the latest information about your packages right away.

Fast delivery

We provide a fast delivery that you can trust. We take care of next day delivery of the packages we take care of. Packages received in the afternoon are based on next day delivery

Same day delivery

We ensure that the packages delivered to us via our premium delivery service are delivered on the same day. These packages are picked up before noon and delivered by noon, ensuring that the customer receives their package promptly.