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2 in 1 Mic Stand

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CM 1801
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pro microphone stands

The EZ Clutch easily adjusts and securely locks to desired height.

The 2-in-1 Boom Clamp with Single Knob Adjustment safely secures boom length and angle.

The Quick-N-EZ Boom Flip Clip releases and locks into position easily securing boom clamp in place.

The EZ Adaptor Flip Clip quickly secures mic clip in place and fits all standard size mic stands.


microphone stand strong and universal microphone floor stand

Metal base with foldable legs and rubber non-slip feet

Adjustable height, boom angle and arm

With attached Mic clip which fits all standard microphones

Easy to install and lightweight to carry around

Suitable for stage performance, meeting room, school, and public amenities etc

stand for home recording using

its used many mic stand

not risk a less expensive mic stand.

While the metal is sturdy enough, the plastic parts

At the same price!

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