V-Comb Head Lice & Eggs Remover

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The VComb™ is the newest innovation in naturally & effectively removing head lice. The VComb™ does not contain chemicals or pesticides, making it safe to use for all the family. This reusable & stainless steel comb uses suction power to gently lift any head lice & eggs in your child's hair & scalp. A small removable bag at the end of the comb traps all the eggs & head lice that have been suctioned up, making disposing of them easy & hygienic.

Benefits & Features

Pesticide & Chemical free

Reusable Comb

Uses suction power

Capture Filter at the end of the comb is easily detached

Stainless steel-toothed

For best results use the V-Comb™ on dry hair

Attach a new capture filter to the end of the V-Comb

Once the capture filter is attached to the V-Comb head, please ensure you hear it click into place

Reattach the combing head to the main body by aligning the guiding arrows and twist to lock, you can now begin using the comb

Once you have finished combing the hair & scalp, immediately remove Capture Filter from the V-Comb and snap on the lid before discarding.

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