Aqua Dog

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Easy to use

One hand operation

100% safe BPA-free plastic

Suitable for all dog breeds and sizes

Fits in your car's cup holder, stores in your bag!

Perfect for daily walks, road trips and dog parks

Aqua Dog is the water bottle for dogs that dog owners everywhere have been waiting for! With its ingenious ‘squeeze-to-fill’ design, it lets you take fresh drinking water wherever you take your dog. With Aqua Dog your thirsty pooch can drink straight from the bottle with no mess and less spills. It’s so easy you can even use it one-handed, leaving your other hand free for full canine control.

In warmer weather we need to take extra care of our beloved ‘best friends’ so regular, fresh drinking water is essential when you’re out and about.

But, as any dog owner knows, finding a suitable drinking bowl isn’t easy, and getting a dog to drink straight from a bottle turns into a soaking for your shoes and leaves your dog still thirsty as most of the water is wasted.

The Aqua Dog water bottle is designed for your pet to safely drink wherever you both go.

Say goodbye to the days of carrying around a bowl and water for your thirsty pet. Aqua Dog is the food-safe high qualiywater bottle for dogs and cats. It stores in your bag, cup holder, or attaches to your wrist or backpack!

Just fill Aqua Dog with water before your trip and yourbest friend will never be thirsty.

When your pet needs a drink, just squeeze Aqua Dog and the water fills the built-in bowl so your pet can drink without making a mess.

When finished, release the squeeze and water flows back inside the reusable water bottle.

Aqua Dog is perfect for pets of all ages and sizes, even flat-faced breeds can use it! Aqua Dog is a must-have for every day walks, trips to the dog park, and road trips.

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