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Magic Bullet

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• Unlike bulky blenders and unwieldy food processors that most of us only pull out of storage for specific recipes and special occasions
• Magic Bullet is so handy so versatile and easy to use that you’ll put it to work EVERY single day!
• The compact Magic Bullet is ideal for easy blending chopping and mixing
• You can get the best from your fruit and veg by quickly extracting all of the vitamins and minerals to create delicious and nutritious smoothies • This is the blender of your dreams!
• It completely breaks down food from fruit and vegetables to nuts and seeds giving you all the nutrition and leaving nothing out
• The combination of a powerful motor and bullet cyclonic action pushes everything through the turbo extractor blades to get rid of any unwanted lumps
• Chop vegetables mince garlic prepares a chunky salsa and much more
• The Magic Bullet will soon become your essential kitchen assistant

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